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The first question you might think is why choose YouTube? Let me tell you just why, according to the official YouTube statistics they receive more than 1,000,000,000 unique visitors each month! In marketing this is an incredible figure and we want a piece of that traffic. Another incredible statistic which I come across is that 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.  So as you can probably tell by the figures are that there is plenty of traffic up for grabs so why not have your share of it? In the past and even some people still say it to this very day that YouTube is a search engine for videos, this is completely up for discussion so leave us a comment in the box below and let us know whether you think it should be branded as a search engine.YouTube Marketing

Thoughts to take into account when making the video

You may have seen some videos on the internet which go viral, most users will never make a video that goes viral and you don’t need to as this won’t make you money. You want to create videos that will engage with the target audience as much as possible as these could be your potential customers. A few ideas which come to mind are;

Tutorials – Explain and go through the product/service and explain how it works and how to get the end result from it in the easiest way.

Testimonials – Interview a person who has experience of the product/service and get them to discuss it the experience so they can share it with other potential users.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered – This is a great way to deliver valuable and important content to potential users, do a video of the owner of the service/product and answer the frequently asked questions you receive.

Making your video visible

Now when optimising a video, see it as just optimising a webpage. The title of the video will act as our meta title so we will need to include the keywords you wish to target and which are relevant to the video. The description of the video you will have probably have guessed will act as our meta description so it needs to describe and sell what the video is about. Finally the tags feature will be a list of related keywords to the video and what people might search to come across it.

It is also worth putting a link the description to all your social media accounts and your main website.

How will the video benefit the SEO on my website?

YouTube mainly drives traffic to your website due to the extreme amount of high traffic they receive themselves. If you wish to improve your rankings then maybe you can create a transcript of the video and upload it to the blog along with the video itself. The reason for this is that it will be a lot of content and will also be unique and natural every time!

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