Whats Wrong With Automated Tools?

When considering doing SEO for yourself, there are 2 things that you are bound to come across. Firstly you can guarantee you will find some “guru” who is an expert in this field and make trillions of pounds per day purely through monetising a website and driving traffic to it via search engine optimisation.

Then Secondly, of course, you will be given the choice of using a specially made unique tool created by programming experts which will do all the SEO for you in half the time and completely automatically. Problem with this is is that its a tool he spent about $100 getting someone to create it for him, at best it does work but for a very short amount of time and at worst (a very realistic possibility in this day and age) your website could get penalised and you can kiss good bye to those precious rankings!

What Mr Guru doesn’t tell you is that to do SEO properly it takes hard work and time, time being the main factor here. You cannot get quick rankings on google and then expect to keep them there, chances are if you got there quickly it is via black hat techniques, and google will single you out in time and then my friend your in big trouble!

SEO has been deliberately made difficult, because 99% of people who want to do this kind of work don’t have the patience, time or facilities to get a website ranked in an ethical and white hat way.

So getting back to Mr Guru, all he is doing is making a quick buck out of you. He’ll sell you his “make a million pounds in one day” software, maybe with a 30 day money back guarantee, but it’ll take you at least 2 – 3 months to find out it hasn’t work, by then he’s happy as Larry and your website is more likely than not in a worse position when you first started.

Don’t forget, with SEO slow and steady wins the race, don’t fight the system, if you cant beat em join em, stay white hat and do things properly, this is the only way to long term success for your business.

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