What is Page Rank and how important is it?

Now this subject has been of big debate within the office and by looking at various other SEO blogs many people has been in big discussion of this, is page rank still important or as important as it used to be in SEO.

Now, the best way I describe page rank to clients and to people who know nothing about SEO is it is the level of trust your site has with Google. A mark out of 10 basically and obviously us webmaster we prefer a link on a site that has a page rank than a site that hasn’t. This is because of the level of trust the site has with Google.

In my personal opinion (and this is up for discussion) page rank is still a factor but it is not as effective as it used to be. So does this mean that a backlink from a high page rank website is not as powerful as it used to be?

Page rank is not as effective anymore due to the amount of different changes in other factors and new factors for that matter which Google takes into account. These new changes have overtaken the importance page rank and now Google sees these factors more important. To get a page rank for your website you need to keep everything white hat and follow the webmaster guidelines, stick to the rule quality over quantity.

How is page rank calculated?

Page rank is calculated simply on links. Google calculates how many web pages are linking to your site and the quality of them links. The higher the page rank the more volume of quality links are linking to you. For example if your website has a page rank between 0 and 3 it is more than likely that fairly new sites or sites with not many links are linking to it, whereas if you have a page rank of say 5-9 then you will have more known brands and high profile websites who link to you and this is what is valued by Google and will determine your page rank.

With these new changes and page rank not being as important I have witnessed some bizarre changes in a couple of websites page rank. Quality websites have been devalued and dropped in page rank but others which are not as good quality have increased in page rank and this has been on numerous websites. This seems to have started when Google changed the way it determines a page rank, it would be great to get your feedback and opinions on this topic.

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Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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