What is a Link Profile and is it Important?

Gone are the days when you could simply just put up a website, add a few meta tags and get ranked in a short amount of time, ranking highly above all other websites getting significant amounts of traffic!

Google now wants to make you work for it, actually I correct myself; Google has deliberately put hurdles in place to put you off wanting to create backlinks to your website in the first place. Now creating them is seen both as an art and a science. Truth be told most people don’t even want to begin doing backlinks let alone take it on for the months that is often required to give the consistency a website needs over time with natural looking backlinks.

The Days of Easy Backlinking Strategies Have Gone!

Not so long ago, and im talking about 2011 and to some degree early parts of 2012, you could easily find most sorts of backlinks and point them to your website. Now that may still be true in some niches, the less competitive ones which don’t require many backlinks, but if your thinking about entering the medium to highly competitive areas on Google then you will have to re-think your backlinking strategy, if this was your initial plan

You can no longer take one form of link and only use that; lets take for example article directories, you might get traction on the search engines with that alone for a local plumbing website, but certainly not with a competitive area such as finance on a national level.

Usually we say you want at least 4 – 5 different types of links being built to your website, otherwise known as broadening your link profile. But what exactly are those options you can consider?

Backlinks Profile Options to Consider:

Article Directories
Directory Submissions
Blog Posting
Guest Posting
Press Release
Social Boomarks
Social Media
Rss Forums

…to name but a few.

As previously mentioned if you can utilise just say 4 – 5 or of these then you should be on route to to pushing your rankings to where you want them to be.

For a new website I wouldn’t say throw everything at it at once, you may get away with this if your working on an aged domain which already has backlinks, but the goal eventually will be include all of these backlink “types”, pretty much throwing everything you have in your arsenal at it, but do it over time and build up to it gradually.


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