Understanding Page Authority and How to grow it naturally

Many people just think about having a high page authority is a good thing and it is but they don’t exactly know what it is and how to improve it naturally! In this article I am going to describe page rank, how it is rated and how to improve it which is what all people in the SEO industry should be trying to achieve.

What is Page Authority?
page authority

In the simplest terms it is a rank on how authoritative your page is. So in other words it is how easy or hard a user can find your page on a search engine. Now obviously if you have a high page authority then you are easy to find and will most probably show up high on the search results. You must remember that page authority is a rating on a specific page and not the entire domain, which is called domain authority in which we will go into another time.


How is Page Authority measured?


It is difficult to pin point the exact answer to this as it is just like asking how Google’s search algorithm works. It is an inexplicable question in which only Google themselves know. This is down to many many factors in which have to be analysed in order to give the score which is out of 100. As SEO’s we know some of the factors in which we optimise to boost performance with search engines and it is the same with improving your page authority. These factors include, content, backlinks and tagging.

Improving your page authority

In all fairness if you follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and the SEO you do is all white hat SEO then you should have no problem in growing your page authority naturally. The first and most important factor of improving your SEO is to deliver quality content, as we all know content is still king and it makes building authority and also link building a whole lot easier. Also the more content you put onto your website the better as the search algorithm and the page authority


ranking has more to take into consideration, cutting your chances of getting marked down for poor quality content as there is a lot of it.

Tagging is also a very effective way of ranking your page quickly, on many occasions I have had my tags ranking for keywords in which I never thought I had a chance of ranking with so quickly. Add tags with relevant keywords to your page and it gives the algorithm more options to find you therefore boosting your page authority.

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