Tumblr: Using Tumblr for your SEO Strategy

tumblrTumblr is a highly underrated micro blogging platform which gets ignored by many people who do SEO. Maybe some of the points I am going to tell you may just change your mind on this.

What is Tumblr

First of all as mentioned, it is a micro blogging platform which have many social functionalities. Features such as shares, likes, hashtags and follows all feature with Tumblr, a good way to describe it is from a Takeshi Young analogy is it is a cross between WordPress and Facebook.

Did you know?

  • Tumblr has over 130 million blogs online;
  • 300 million unique monthly visitors;
  • It has the 28th highest traffic online.

Also did you know WordPress only has 70 million blogs online (well, I say only…) compared to the 130 million on Tumblr. As you can see there is an amazing amount of traffic to be claimed through these statistics.

Tumblr SEO

Now the part you have all been waiting for, what features does Tumblr have which can help with SEO? Well where do I start, as we all know what we mainly need in SEO is two things… Content and backlinks! Tumblr can generate mass amounts of both in quick succession.

Links on Tumblr are dofollow, yes that is right you read that bit correctly! To gain these dofollow links all you need to do is post content onto your blog and optimise you would a website. It gives you the opportunity to add custom html (for your keyword anchor text), customise your URLs, add alt tags to images and tags to your posts.

Once you post your optimised content, depending on how appealing it is to the audience the amount of “reblogs” that post gets then that is how many dofollow backlinks you can create. What is more easier than that?

What kind of content?

The content must be appealing and humour the audience, no post should just contain a load of text with a number of links. It should include attractive content, images, videos, memes and gifs all relating to your niche. If the user finds this interesting and fun to read then they will reblog it. Check out this U2 meme;  u2 meme



















Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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