To Link Or Not To Link – That Is the Question

So both panda and penguin are now prominent in the realms of googles algorithms, most specifically the penguin update, which has taken many a website down having penalised it for black hat or grey hat backlinking techniques. Something that worked a treat just 6 months ago, could now be the reason why your money making website is dropping like a stone. So why is this then?

 Who knows what google is upto!

Truth be known, unless you have one of the in house guys at google, you will never really know what exactly they are upto. However with some testing, trial and error on your own websites it is possible to piece together patterns and trends of how google seems to be ranking things.

A couple of rumours out there that exist, and through our own testing taken place here at Net66 we have found that there is now a broader backlinking profile required. What this means is that you shouldn’t any longer just concentrate your efforts on one type of backlinking ie article directories (especially spinning them).

The perfect backlinking profile will consists of a bit of everything from directories, social media, press releases, rss and blog posting. Now as we all know not everyone has time to do all this, let alone have the skills or know how, which is also part and parcel of the reason google has moved in this direction. Ultimately it wants to make it harder for you to beat the system.

What makes doing this kind of backlinking all the more tricky and much harder to replicate is to have this process tied in with a consistency over a long period of time ie 3 months. If you hit your website hard say in one week with a load of backlinks, then chances are it may not work, its not natural, google knows what your upto and in some instances might even be counter productive to your websites rankngs.

In an ideal world you wouldn’t need to backlink your website, google will naturally allow it to rise up the rankings and you would “naturally” pick up backlinks along the way, but where does the spark come from? How do you let google and other websites know your website is even there ??

This is why backlinking actually is important, at the very least it can speed up the time in which you can improve your rankings, and its quite possible that without any form of inital backlinking to your site, chances are it wont even be found let alone get ranked!

 Stuck between a Rock and a Hard place!

So here we are, finding ourselves stuck between a rock and a hard place, google doesn’t permit “buying” backlinks, its against its terms and services, however if you don’t invest in some form of backlinking then your website will be as useful as a chocolate fireguard, looking all pretty with nowhere to go!

So there has to be a compromise!

Backlinking is all about striking up a balance, get it wrong and you run the risk of slapping your website into oblivion, get it right and you can cash in and make a small fortune, even a large fortune in some instances.

Don’t ignore the penguin updates, changes have taken place, and it is now more challenging to backlink a website, correctly, efficiently, and at just the right velocity.

If you’ve not done this before, we wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself, it takes time and there is a steep learning curve to know how to do this properly, let alone the resources.

This is why SEO even to this day is still beneficial, its just evolved and always will do!

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