There’s Much I Do About Backlinking

So what makes a good backlinking strategy? The first thing you should do is plan, then secondly, and arguably even just as important, PLAN!

Most people start backlinking their website “blind” only to lead them into a dead end in a relatively short amount of time. Either they run out of ideas and cannot find any more backlinks to create pointing back to their website, or they start to run out of steam and cracks appear as their process lacks continuity.

If you come across the best SEO companies, or even individuals for that matter, they always have one thing in common; they have a process and a plan in place.

Ideally what you need to make sure your SEO or backlinking System will work for you, is as follows:

• Have a list of different types of Directories.

• Have a list of various Social Bookmarks you can Submit to.

• Have continuous articles written on a weekly basic which you can submit to your list of article directories.

• Create accounts in the top Social media 4 – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linked in.

• Have techniques and methods in place to find blog posts you can submit to.

• Regularly be seen posting on Forums, but don’t spam.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but for the large majority of websites certainly new ones in relatively low to medium markets it should be enough to get you going and heading in the right direction.

Consistency and Content is still King!

Say what you like about backlinking and SEO, in the end you cant do good SEO unless you have the content to work with, and are willing to be consistent when it comes to creating continuous quality backlinks, of all the things you can do in terms of SEO, take these two out of the equation and you will find your SEO efforts as useful as a chocolate fire-guard!

So to re-cap, plan, then plan and plan some more!!..Failure to plan is a planning to fail, this is so true in many aspects in life, but no truer than for SEO. You need to know what you are doing on a regular weekly basis.

Create quality content, write for the reader, NOT for the search engine, and then regularly create backlinks over time, the numbers of backlinks should be low initially, increasing slowly and gradually over time.,  only then you will find yourself on the road to success when it comes to ranking your website.

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