The Unquantifiable Market

As I have been involved in search engine marketing for over a decade I have personally seen a lot of evolution. Mostly for the good, but there has also been some complicated changes made which means the ever mystical world of good online rankings can be slightly harder to understand.

This is epitomised by what I would call “The Unquantifiable Market”. This is basically a high ranking online for multiple long tail phrases. In SEO, we all know people still use long tail phrases on a daily basis. As an example we do, and have done for some time, rank #1 for “SEO Manchester” but we quite often gain traffic and enquiries from people searching phrases like: “good seo company in Manchester” which is not a phrase we actively strive to rank for. Not only is this a valuable attribute to our marketing, it is also testament to good quality SEO.

The thing is no SEO company is going to propose to a paying customer that they should target obscure search terms that may get less than 10 searches per month on Google.
Also, why would a paying customer agree to it? They wouldn’t, right? Exactly!

So who takes this proportion of online business that’s available?

The answer is nobody really knows. The best you can do is good quality SEO for the generic phrases your customers may search and you will pick up everything else. This is something you will need to accept that you will not be able to quantify all of the time. The great thing about google analytics is it shows what people have searched and found you under. What this can not solve is what you should actively try to rank for. Even if you study your analytics (which is an absolute must) you will find a lot of the phrases that you have been found under will have been searched only once the previous month.

As always the key is to be honest with your SEO and ethics towards good search engine rankings. Google want to give the best results to the end user and will recommend you for search terms it feels you are able to supply what the user is looking for.

Have a good quality website with quality white hat SEO and The Unquantifiable market is yours for the taking.

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