The Power Of Social Media

Many SEO Technicians now believe that just doing SEO on a website is not enough anymore. There are many different ways to now drive extra traffic to a website using more than SEO. The favourite method other than Search Engine Optimisation is to use the power of Social Media and Internet Marketing. Everyone you will ever speak to will have heard about Facebook or Twitter. The amount of users with social media accounts is frightening and adding this to your campaign increases the amount of traffic and conversions to a website dramatically.

Let us take a look at the approximate population of the 2 most popular social media accounts and why they are so effective;

Facebook – There are approximately 33,785,000 Facebook users that is almost half of the whole population of the UK who use Facebook, if you are a business please ensure that you are using a business page to promote your business on Facebook. Facebook have recently launched a brand new set of features such as offers and promoted statuses. These both could have great effect on your business. If you have a special offer you can post it to the offer feature and it will print the special all over your Facebook business page.

Twitter – Twitter is personally my favourite social media account as this allows business users target a specific audience relevant to what they are trying to promote. Twitter is famously used by a lot celebrities to promote their own brands with plenty of followers who will retweet what they like and then there followers will see it. It is like a snowball effect and if used correctly it can be very effective. Another reason why Twitter is my favourite social media account to use when working on a campaign is the hashtag and trend facilities, this enables us to engage in conversation when tweeting. For example if I tweet “#SEO” this becomes a link in my tweet where people can click and then you will go to a discussion page of other tweets from around the world which relate to that hashtag. Twitter has less users than Facebook in the UK roughly 9,000,000 people use Twitter in the UK.

As a Manchester SEO company we are used to dealing with high competition and from personal experience the power of social media over the past couple of years has raised dramatically more people are starting to use social media and therefore that could be extra potential traffic for the website you are working on.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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