The Importance of Social Media when Back-linking

In the old days when google first began, you could literally set up a page, fill in the descriptions, meta tags a few keywords and then your off to the races!

Times have changed, and no doubt so has Googles algorithms, they are far more sophisticated now, many more factors have come into play and to get good rankings for certain keywords you certainly have to earn them now.

Also, since the early days the internet as a whole as changed, probably the biggest of all was the more recent inclusion of social media, which was started by My Space and Bebo, which then was replaced by Facebook and twitter.

So now its not just a case of throwing up a website and waiting for all the traffic to come to you, google wants you to be active, be part of a community, acknowledge that people are talking to you and your taking to them.

Yes backlinks and SEO still plays its part, but now you must have to tick the “social media” box, its where the internet is currently at, if your not participating in these areas then maybe its something you really need to be thinking about doing.

 So what social media sites should you be making use of?

Well as previously mentioned you want to be signed up to Facebook and Twitter, these are the giants of the internet world right now, but you also have the option to include Google plus and Linked in. The great thing about using all 4 of these social media sites is that you can link them up via hoot-suite, so you can update all 4 at once from one easy to use control panel.

These sites will not only potentially give you traffic in there own right, but but by having them in your backlinking profile google will reward you for it and it is arguably an important factor when doing SEO, this with good SEO and content is a recipe for success, generally speaking.

Also don’t forget there’s social bookmarking which you can incorporate when making your profile, gain this will go towards ticking the “social media” box, once these aspects are catered for then you can go about your SEO practices knowing you’ve got a solid platform to work from giving you the best chance to rank for a keyword no matter what the niche.

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