The impact of the festive period in the SEO world.

Every year the Christmas and New Year period has a big effect on most businesses and if you work in the SEO and SEM industry you will see a dramatic change in traffic depending on the niche of the industry. Businesses such as gardeners during the winter, you should expect to see a decrease in traffic all due to the trend but with other big niches on the internet for example weight loss this trend tends to hit its peak just after Christmas and at the start of a new year whilst with other niches it takes a little longer before the traffic starts returning back to how it should be.

This year has been different to past years, why is this? We all know that Google tends to change its algorithm quite frequently but this year they rolled out a new update on the 21st of December, 4 days before the Christmas holidays. The new update which was Panda 23 effected more search queries (1.3%) than the previous update, if anything people would think that due to the time of the year if Google was to roll out an update then surely it shouldn’t affect more people? Now this is a first since the updates started, many webmasters and bloggers were angered by these actions from Google. As an SEO company and I am sure many other webmasters we would never have thought Google would roll out an update at such a vital time of year for clients.

So why has Google decided to roll out a bigger update so soon to the holidays? People tend to think that maybe Google are trying to effect sites that they wish to make money off. Do you think this is the case? After all Google is a business but are their ethics starting to change? That could be another topic you can discuss below.

Last year Google made a statement promising that they would not roll out a new update or data refresh until after the holidays and this is what surprised most webmasters and bloggers. So what could’ve changed their mind? There are so many questions surrounding Google at this moment in time and we would love to hear from fellow webmasters and bloggers to see what they think of what Google is doing.

As you can see there is a lot to discuss, post a comment below and give your opinions on this topic.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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  1. Sara
    January 15, 2013 at 6:58 am

    Oh so its true that Google roll out another Panda Update last December. I wasn’t able to notice at all because there were no changes noted on my ranking and traffic. It is because I’ve always ensure that I have a great quality site, faster navigation, unique design and not spammy content. Also, I was able to integrate the Google’s guidelines such as metrics, statics, elements and etc.

    I’ve learned all these essential things after undergoing the Panda Breakthrough course which is a recovery method. You’ve probably think why I grabbed this program.

    It is because I was already losing thousands of dollars after my site was hit by Panda Update last September. However, my site recovered from a devastating Panda slap.

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