The Great Debate: Nofollow Links vs Dofollow

The art of link building has changed a lot the past couple of years with the number of updates Google have rolled out. Nofollow and Dofollow links now have different jobs and should be interpreted in specific areas according to Google.

This debate has been going on since the birth of SEO with webmasters discussing which links were better. Obviously dofollow links pass on pagerank which can only perform better when it comes to rankings.

But now it is not all about dofollow as people started buying tons and tons of these kind of links and dominating the SERPs which angered fellow natural white hat webmasters. Google had to do something about this as quality is key now and people who have done all natural SEO techniques were dropping like flies.

nofollow vs dofollow

After a couple of amendments to the algorithms, Google recommended that you should add nofollow links to some areas of your link profile such as widgets and paid advertisements. They then came out and said that nofollow links will not harm your website unless you are spamming at a huge scale.

Which is fair enough really, if you are a blogger and you are engaging on a topic on a blog relevant to yours then Google cannot penalise you for that. This move also ensures that webmasters need to create a natural link profile with a mixture of nofollow and dofollow links.

So bear that in mind for your link building campaign if you have too many of either dofollow or no follow it will not look natural to the algorithm and therefore increase the risk of you being harmed.

Many webmasters think that nofollow links should not have a say in society and should be disavowed but that is not the case and will do more harm than good. If you think about it, what links are Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Google Plus? No follow…

In summary both types of links prevent spam from happening on a big scale but they also do different jobs in determining page rank. I personally think that Google use nofollow links to counter act or soften the blow a little for websites that are trying to rank against websites with a high number of dofollow links.


Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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