The Ever Changing Beast that is Google

Many people who work in the world of SEO, Affiliate Marketing or any other sorts on internet marketing may see the “game” between themselves and Google as a bit like cat and mouse, and to some degree this can be fully understood and maybe some may say even an accurate metaphor, however, maybe a more healthy outlook would be to try and understand what Google is striving for, understand this, and then to an extent you can stay ahead of the game.

So what is that secret formulae an online marketer needs to know on how to stay on the good side of google, keep good rankings and avoid getting penalised? Its pretty simple really, design your pages and website for the user, it really is as simple as that.

Every user on the internet that uses google, is googles “customer” Google only ever wants to please them, because without them google doesn’t exist and isn’t the 900 pound gorilla that it currently is, so you please googles customers and chances are you’ll get rewarded.

 Google is Constantly Changing

Some people think that google is just a search engine, but google is constantly being updated, it changes its rankings on a daily, if not hourly basis. It does this by updating the software which regulates and decides on the rankings of websites which are called algorithms.

These algorithms are a big secret to the outside world, and most likely largely unknown to many people even inside the walls of google itself. People involved in working on the web are constantly trying to understand and second guess what google are upto, problem with this is that by the time its been figured out after trials and testes, which could take months, google are re-upated their algorithms and the goal posts have changed and the rules have completely changed, making all research and theories completely redundant.

It is thought that Google may use over 200 factors collectively to decide the ranking of any one website. By the end of this year, being 2013, this could quite easily have risen further.

 So what’s a Marketer supposed to do?

As mentioned before, don’t go chasing google around like a lost puppy! Just create your website and have the user in mind, write for the reader and not the search engine, do that and your half way there.

One thing that will constantly change is the way google ranks its websites, but one thing that is bound to remain the same is that they will always want to please the reader by giving them a good experience, so you should to. The fact is Google will always change, if you can find a middle road where you don’t have to keep changing what you do , then you’ve pretty much cracked it!

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