The Blogger Outreach Strategy – Where to start.

So by now you’ve got your blog up and running and are filling it with a constant stream of excellent posts having also applied a healthy sprinkling of links to your main site. You’ve shared it on Facebook & Twitter and even benefitted from a few employees sharing, liking and linking.

“So why isn’t my Blog earning links left, right and centre like you said in your last post?”

I pointed out in my last post that that was just a theory. But, as ever with SEO there’s always something you can do. Let me tell you about the Blogger Outreach Strategy (sometimes cited as the Blogger Outreach Program).

In a nutshell, you want your blog post featuring on a more popular blog that your own. This way, your blog post will feature on a website with more traffic that your own and it is this traffic that will filter through your post and to your website.

So where do we start? First of all you need to find a list of blogs that are relevant enough to provide a good lin to your website, and topical enough for your content to get listed on there. There are quite a few ways of doing this but one of my favourite ways is to use Google’s Blog Search. It’s a free tool designed to search specifically through blogs making it easy for you to find relevant blogs that are already ranking well in Google’s rankings (albeit for a Blog Search).

Before you blanket them all with an email containing your blog and link to your site, we need to plan this properly. Create a spreadsheet listing who you’ve emailed, with what blog post, which link you’ve sent them (if you’re using deep links), when you did this and leave a column spare to note who responds and who doesn’t.

This way, you can keep in touch with the people who are willing to help you with your outreach strategy. Building up a strong relationship with a few people can transform a “Guest Post” to a “Featured Poster” where you can benefit from another websites traffic on a regular basis.

A few tips:

  • Be prepared to post other people’s work to your own Blog.
  • Be honest, people will respect that and be more likely to post your blog.
  • Don’t Spam. There’s nothing worse than repeated emails on the same thing.
So please take this advice and plan a good and lasting strategy. Soon enough you’ll have people clamouring for you to post on their blogs whilst your website drowns in traffic (again, so the theory goes).

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