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SEO and Why it Should be Used – (Infographic)

Here at Manchester SEO Company we have built an infographic for you guys and it outlines why SEO is substantial to your business.

Take a look:

Manchester SEO company infographic

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What Techniques Should We Consider for SEO in 2014?

With the way Google has altered their search algorithm in 2013 sharing valuable content and engaging in conversation with your target audience is going to be a huge factor this new year.

Social media has always been an aspect to increasing visibility on the internet, this is mainly due to it’s extremely huge popularity with internet users. But what I am finding more effective is not just sharing content from your website across your social media platforms but actually discussing with your viewers exactly what they want to know.

The Google is evolving engaging with helpful content is becoming vastly superior to optimising content. Content optimisation was a huge think before the recent updates. I am not saying do not optimise your content because content is the most crucial thing, I am saying optimise it wisely and not to make it spammy!

social media engagement

What this means is do not stuff the content with keywords and links to spammy websites, make the content enjoyable and easy to read for the target audience. Include a bit of friendly humour (everybody loves a bit of humour), funny images, meme’s etc. If you provide this kind of content and share it correctly, the results will astonish you.

The way to share this content is to search for discussions, forums Q&A sites which are relevant to the content you wish to share. For example if your content is about putting up a kitchen shelf, then you would look at DIY forums.

So it is good to have a number of quality links, great onsite optimisation and content but you will not see the full benefit of the hard work you have put in if you do not engage in social discussions. It shows Google that your website is constantly active (creating a buzz or pulse) and delivering useful content to their users which is all that they want.

Doing all of this on a regular basis should increase traffic steadily and most importantly naturally. Link building is still and important factor to some extent but ask yourself this question, when has Google ever penalised a social networking platform?

There are no rules by Google which say you cannot be to social infact it is completely the opposite they want you to be socially active as much as possible.

Posted by Jordan Whitehead

Mobile SEO: What You Need to Know

mobile SEONowadays you hear very less of computer and laptops but more of smart phone and tablet devices. Many people in SEO say this is the future of SEO meaning we have to change our approach to these campaigns! It all starts from the design of your website and making it not just mobile friendly but also user friendly (this is crucial). This means your website will have to be responsive in order to be successful for mobile SEO.


When it comes to content for your mobile SEO campaign, you have two options. You can use the content on your current desktop site or you can change content to target better conversions related to mobile searches.

To find this you may have to do some research via your Google analytics and see what mobile visitors are searching for to find your website. Then write content and optimise for these new phrases which are likely to have a better conversion rate.

Evaluating the best type of website for mobile SEO

If you have an ecommerce website, then the mobile SEO will not be most effective for you just yet as a recent stat from Google stated that 35% of mobile visitors last year made an online purchase. We have seen the internet advance in quick succession and as people get used to mobile web browsing then this figure will increase in time.

Another reason why ecommerce is not as effective as a desktop site is that many big companies such as Argos, Amazon and eBay use mobile apps which are more user friendly and conversion rate is much higher.

What techniques will change for mobile SEO?

All answers to this question are all theory based just like desktop SEO. We will know right from wrong but we will all get different results which is the beauty of SEO. Although we do know that the design of the mobile website will have more of an impact than desktop versions. Things such as page speed and navigation being some factors. As most mobiles and tablet devices are now touch screen it is important that the links do not over cross one another and they are perfect size.

Also adding things like click to call, makes the site very user friendly and easy to use. Another factor will to make sure the site is fully functional such as 404 errors and broken links need to be fixed, just like the desktop websites.

As you can see there are know clear signs which we can see which will have an effect on mobiles and tablet devices. It is all about the user and the design of the mobile site, making sure the user has a good experience and if you have unique content which targets the better conversion phrases plus being as social as possible then this should give you a head start from the rest of your competitors who are not doing mobile marketing.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

Social Bookmarking

Hi there, today I am going to be speaking to you about social bookmarking and the effect it has on various search engines and in the search engine marketing industry. So what is a social bookmark? Social bookmarking is an online service which allows users of the Internet to add, edit, annotate and share bookmarks of web pages.

Over the past few years as Google has evolved and with it the search engine marketing industry with all the panda and penguin updates, social bookmarking has become an increasingly popular factor when it comes to SEO.

Now many people get confused with social media and social bookmarking, social media are platforms that help you engage with other users in a social manner such as conversations, comments, photos, videos etc. The main four social media accounts used are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and Pinterest.

To put social bookmarking into layman’s terms, it is the user engaging in pages within the Internet. Like mentioned above users can add pages and then edit it them to include a description and also tags. This helps put your page you have submitted into category keywords which helps the user and therefore search engines take them into consideration, as search engines want quality and easy to use search rankings for a good user experience.

Delicious is one of the most popular social bookmarking management services, it was founded in 2003 and has been around for a long time and has played a big part in the evolution of social bookmarking and search engine marketing and that is why Google has given them a page rank of 8!

Another popular social bookmark is StumbleUpon and this is becoming as popular as delicious. Socially, StumbleUpon in my opinion is more popular but when it comes to being used for SEO and SEM then it is becoming just as popular. StumbleUpon allows users to choose their favourite categories and also the ability to add pages and put them in the correct category. So when another user has that category ticked on their account which is in the same category as the page you have submitted then there is a good chance they will Stumble-Upon it.

In summary social bookmarking and social media are just another technique to add to your link profiling arsenal and it will increasingly become more and more popular in the future of Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Google Year!

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead