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Link Building: The art of link building post Penguin

link building newThe most recent Penguin update had a great effect on many webmasters; it made us revise our approach to link building. As you may very well know the Penguin update changed many factors when it comes to link building such as, variety in anchor text and the types of links that should be generated. This article will explain important factors you should consider when link building this year.

Has there been any damage done?

This is crucial when starting a successful link building campaign as you can be causing more harm than good. If you are working with a website which has been worked on in the past, then research needs to be done. Check the links which have previously been built, are they relevant? Do they point to other high quality websites? Link building now needs to be all about quality so filtering out the poor quality links is a must. Another thing you should check is the anchor text profile; you can see what your anchor text profile should be like here.

Where should I put links?

This has been widely discussed between a lot of webmasters, links in sidebars and footers can now do more harm than good post Penguin. This is due to the keywords being filtered and increasing the density on your page. Your links should be placed naturally, in and around content relevant to your link.

Competitor Research

This is one of the most underrated techniques and with quality becoming more of a factor then research the backlinks of the people who are above you. It is clear that they are doing something that you are not and finding that out can be a huge difference in rankings! You can use free tools such as Open Site Explorer to do this.

Search Operators

Mastering this technique of Google’s search operators can be gold dust. This is an effective technique of filtering the golden nugget websites to link to. The reason behind this is that you have more control over the search results, which is more relevant and better quality.

Engaging and interaction

When building links these two can add more value to the link, social networking and forums are increasing in value to Google as they see you are socially active and engaging with your target audience.

If you follow these brief guidelines, you should have no problem in a successful link building campaign.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

Penguin Update 2.0

penguin update 2.0At net 66 we came through all the latest updates, panda and penguin relatively unscathed. Most of our clients probably gained rankings infacts, got more traffic and as a consequence got more business too.

So we knew what the changes were going to be in advance of them taking place, and it’s pleasing to know that we were mostly correct in being able to “guide” our clients  through these changes,  changes which could have been testing and potentially disastrous times for these websites.

Infact we have heard many stories of plenty of people have been slapped into oblivion, businesses almost destroyed overnight because they hired the wrong people, or participated in the wrong techniques at the wrong time. We always stood by our advise; longevity is key, and on the whole that’s exactly what has proven to work.

As good as we are when it comes to SEO, online marketing and other aspects of getting people to your website when being online, Google will always throw in a curve ball. When someone approaches you and says we are the best at SEO, we can “guarantee” youll get on first page” (not including paid advertising) then our advice is run for the hills!

Fact is, no one can guarantee anyone of ranking someone on the first page of Google, if they say they can then quite simply they are lying!

We are very effective and have a high success rate with the customers we take on board. But truth of the matter is, the Google algorithm isn’t perfect, you can still see today (after the penguin updates) websites which are on the first page and shouldn’t be there. Then theres actions taken by the customer that we are not aware of, or backlinks created inadvertently which end up being negative for the website which is out of our control!

There are many factors which can take place which may stop a website ranking, even if you are doing ALL the right things. Google is so complex, its own complexity can trip itself up at times!

Case Study of a Penguin Hit Website

hedshed birmingham salonOne example of a client who got hit instantly after the Penguin 2.0 update was Hedshed. Now this is a Birmingham based hairdressers and although even right now is still getting very good traffic, considering its niche, over the last few weeks it has lost 15% – 20% of its traffic, and rankings have dropped off, albeit slightly.

So whats made this website lose its rankings?

Well truth be told, its very difficult to precisely say why Google has dropped this websites rankings, hence traffic as a result. Sometimes a diagnosis can be made, sometimes it remains a mystery. It could be a manner of things:

a) Customer may have bought backlinks without your knowledge which has impeded on the SEO we have done.
b) Duplicate content used.
c) Back-links used from link farms or unrelated websites backlinked from etc
d) The Velocity of links created to quick, or even the amount of links stopped completely will make a websites rankings fluctuate.
d)  Net66 never participate in any of the actions above, and in most cases clients have unwittingly bought  additional services, with good intentions, but only to have a bad effect on their rankings.

Other possibilities are strange occurrences with the Google algorithm itself, although rare, can happen.

We will never say we have never been at fault, but out of the hundreds of clients we have, we can count on one hand the amount we have found to have been affected by penguin 2.0 in  slightly negative way, but non have been smashed! You can come to your own conclusion on that.

So Whats the Fix?

Well the reasons for dropping in rankings do have to be confirm, there are various things you can do to try and revive a website.

a) Keep backlinking, dilute the bad backlinks

b) Create more backlings offering a more varied and diverse link profile.

c) Pick up velocity of backlinking, increase what you was doing before, gradually though, don’t spike your efforts!

d) Other things you can do are more related to onsite content, usually this is more Panda related then penguin.

The birth of Penguin 2.0

penguin update

You may or may not have heard that the much eagerly anticipated Penguin update is finally live! It was confirmed by the head of Google’s web spam team Matt Cutts via his blog on Wendesday 22nd May 2013. What interested me is that Google have labelled this penguin update as the “next generation” of fighting webspam, so either they have made big change to the new algorithm or they have just given it a fancy name. Reports have suggested that Google have used new Penguin 2.0 technology hence labelled the next generation and they say that it should stop better web spam.

What affect will it have on websites?

Google claim that this recent Penguin update will noticeably impact 2.3% of English queries which is considerably greater than the recent Google updates. In the SERPS we have seen major changes and fluctuations in rankings. I personally monitor the SERPS for the keyword “SEO Manchester” as that is what I am trying to target and what I have found is that on the front page, the majority of the websites are quality websites which deserve to be there. I personally think that this update has had the correct affect for most people who strictly do white hat SEO.

To be fair there has not long been a Panda update refresh so no wonder many people were concentrating on generating more high quality links to their website, but Google warned that there would be a Penguin update and that it would have a considerable effect on spammy looking websites. Therefore that should have been cue for the webmaster to rethink the strategy to benefit both Google updates.For the websites which have been affected by this update you can argue the fact that you have a quality website but obviously Google thinks otherwise.

The biggest factor in my opinion in websites that have been benefited by this update is that they have regularly uploaded quality content, I know obviously it is a given but it still proves content is king! Many niche related blogs have risen in the SERPs and websites which have been penalised are sites that have been focusing more on the link building and offsite optimisation (personal opinion).

So what is next for Google? They have integrated Panda into their search algorithm, which makes the Panda update a compulsory feature. I think this time they have got the Penguin update spot on and don’t have much room for improvement, we shall wait and see.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead