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Tips for an SEO friendly URL structure

Creating an SEO friendly Url structure is widely disvalued by many webmasters but it could be the key essential in which you are missing for your internet marketing campaign. Keeping your Urls structured correctly enables search engines to crawl your website more efficiently and helps read the pages within your site a lot easier, which the algorithm values. So whatever the algorithm values, the webmaster should value just as much. The reason that it is valued by Google and other search engines is not only because it helps their algorithms but it also helps the user just as much giving them a better search experience.

Ideally, the title of your page should be included in the permalink of your Url (which is normally the keyword) if you look on the SEO Manchester page you can see how it is included in the permalink;

SEO friendly url structure

Note – If your keyword is a broad term then do not include it in your Url as long permalinks are not favourite by search engines or users for that fact. This is also a common factor in increasing bounce rate because it looks unprofessional and unattractive for the website so people will click straight off the page.

You may see Urls like www.domain.com/?p=12345 these are what we call dynamic Urls and are commonly generated during the development of the website due to the Php. For SEO it is advised to use a static Url, this is because not only are they more search engine and user friendly but you have the option to include your keyword; therefore making it easier to understand the page before reading it fully which is what both we (the user) and search engines love.

If your Url contains two words it is advised to spread the permalink with hyphens (www.domain.com/your-keyword) most webmaster make the mistake in using underscores when spreading the Url. When you include an underscore in the Url Google reads that as just one word whereas with hyphens it spreads the keyword out correctly. Again this also benefits the user helping them understand the page with the well re-written URL.

I hope this article about SEO friendly URL Structure will help improve your knowledge on SEO and online marketing, thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment in the box below and discuss your views and opinions on this matter.


Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead