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The Power of Infographics

Infographics are a new technique which webmasters use to build links and authority. Google seems to love it as it is a way of sharing content in a more appealing way to the users. This causes them to engage more which is a factor with Google.

What is an infographic?

I’m no Einstein but “Info-Graphic” what do you think it is? When I put it like that I bet you are face-palming? Well basically it is a graphic image with valuable information on there such as interesting statistics and graphs. Here is an example;

Infographic about Laptop Tech History

Courtesy of Tek Squad

As you can see this is about a computer based business and they have focused on an interesting title. Look at the information and the images relating to it, it takes a lot of time and effort but it delivers the information to people in an attractive manner.

It is a proven fact that people who see a load of text are more likely to scan it whereas infographics are designed with images and likeable material to keep people interested.

So in summary an infographic attracts users to your website and the data on there will keep them on there which will reduce the bounce rate and show Google that the content on your site is appealing to your audience.

What SEO benefits will we gain?

link building new

This has to be the most common question I get asked when talking about infographics. They are a great way of building links, if somebody likes the look of it and it relates to them then they are going to use it on there website (natural link building). The way you get a link back is that the embed code will be embedded onto the page they have used your infographic.

It is not just building links where you can benefit from this method but also it can gain you a lot of traffic. People love images and if people love them then so does Google. You can post your infographic on image based sites such as Pinterest and Visual.ly aswell as your social media platforms.

Reddit is also a great way to drive a load of traffic just post the link into the infographic subreddit.



Posted by Jordan Whitehead

Bounce Rate: Keeping your hard worked traffic on your website

bounce rateBounce rate is a statistic used in website traffic analysis which is a vital stat used by many online marketers. It is the percentage of the overall traffic to your website which bounce straight off  without visiting any other internal pages and many people believe it can count towards a ranking factor to search engines.

People assume this because search engines want their users to have the best experience and if a website has a high amount of bounces, this is telling them that users are not having a good experience with that specific website. People in SEO usually blame the web designers…

Lowering your bounce rate

If you are using some sort of advertisements such as Google AdSense to monetise your website then it is worth evaluating where the best place is to put them. You don’t want the adverts to close to the menu as this could lead to accidental clicks and frustrate the user causing them to leave your website.

Is your website user friendly?

This is another factor you can consider when wanting to lower your bounce rate, can people easily navigate through the website. Easy navigation can prevent users from frustration and therefore bouncing off, having your site links accessible and easy to locate can be effective.

Responsive Website Design

You can do anything with website design now with advanced programming languages, this means you can start making responsive websites which causes the users to engage more. Also, as more and more people use the internet on their smartphones and tablet devices it is important that the website is compatible with all these devices.

Link Bait

Link Bait is one of the most common features which people include on their website to prevent high bounce rate. It is a feature built into a website which grabs the audiences attention straight away and encourages people to link to the website.

As you can see the main cause of bounce rate is down to users either being confused or do not like the look of the website. The key to low bounce rate is grabbing the attention of the audience and keeping them engaged for as long as possible and these tips can do just that.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead