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White Hat Vs Black Hat Backlinking Techniques

Put simply, there are 2 ways to create backlinks to your website, Black hat, meaning to deliberately manipulate Google by sometimes over optimising and even using tools to automatically create backlinks to your website.

Then there’s the white hat techniques, basically the more time consuming, more honest way of backlinking and basically following the rules and guidelines google lays out and wants you to follow.

 What is Grey Hat?

IN a nutshell grey hat SEO techniques are simply just a bit of both white and black. Another way of looking at it may be someone predominantly using white hat techniques but then throws in some spun articles or uses an auto submission tool to create backlinks. So although they are mainly using white hat techniques, and might even get a whit what outcome, its still considered grey hat, because its not 100% legitimate.

 So what are the pros and cons of both?

 Black Hat Backlink and Optimisation Methods

If your just after a short term smash and grab, then this is a technique that is often used. A combination of tools, spun articles and a relatively unnatural distribution of backlinks to a website which can actually work short term, but as always, and heres a good mindset to have about google, and that is it will eventually figure you our, their algorithms are far more sophisticated and intelligent than what people often give them credit for, even though at times it does tend ot behave in mysterious ways.

 White Hat Backlink and Optimisation Methods

On the other hand, and this is probably the majority of businesses, you want to adopt this approach for a “Long Term” outlook.

Basically f your a business with an online presence, you want your business to be here this year, next year and the years after. Theres no better way of making sure you achieve this by doing exactly as what Google suggests, and by following their terms and conditions.

 So what exactly is a white hat approach to SEO and backlinking?

Well as previously mentioned do what google is asking, and that is keep everything “natural”!!

Keeping things natural cannot be stressed enough here, if google gets a slight hint that your trying to manipulate it, chances are you will be take out of the game.

So if you follow these simple rules and guidelines you cant go far wrong:

• Keyword density 1 – 2 %.

• Write content for the user, NOT for search engines.

• Use LSI (related) keywords in your content not just the main keyword(s) your trying to rank for.

• Rotate the anchor text in your Backlinks, i.e. main keyword, brand, url, terms such as “click here”. This all builds up to a natural looking anchor profile.

• DONT use spinning techniques.

• DONT use automated tools.

• DONT create large amounts of backlinks at once to your website.

• Backlink manually

• create backlinks consistently over time

• Mix up the variation and type of backlink pointing to your website.

• create 1st level and 2d level tier backlinks.

It is true that backlinking is now not as easy as it used to be, Google is forever moving the goal posts, and reinventing the wheel when it comes to how it ranks the websites in its search engine.

Its a constant game of cat and mouse, and you know something people will always play this game, we don’t change what we do, we simply keep it ALL white hat, and do the basics of what’s required for good rankings, google may change the rules next month, next week or even tomorrow, but as we only do white hat things then as we’ve proven in the past chances are our rankings for us and our clients are rarely effected.