SEO For Rookies

Everybody who is new to SEO will always start of as a rookie. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it just simply takes time to learn everything there is to learn, especially with the Google continuously performing updates and changes to many things. Its the same as anything else you’re tying to learn, once you get there you keep yourself update with the changes and that is all there is to it.

I myself started SEO around 4 months ago with a Manchester SEO Company. From my starting point here I have learnt and improved my knowledge in the industry and feel like I can relate to other rookies now and provide tips to them that I have picked up myself.

There is many places where I can start this blog but the first step I have always taken before doing SEO on any website is finding out what I am going to do, this being my plan of action including everything what I plan to do months in advance. Keyword research is essential, I always try and find keywords that have high traffic and low competition. Tracking is another thing that I always have in my staring line. I personally find Google webmaster tools and analytics great ways to track performance of a website that is being worked on. I am sure other programs/sites can do similar things.

I have always found that content is king, in my opinion the most crucial part of SEO. Having a well written article that can focus on your primary keyword is a great place to get started. Internal Linking is another effective tried and tested SEO technique. This is basically as a hyper link but to the same domain the hyper link is on. An Example of internal Linking could be the keyword Manchester SEO Company having a link to

Adding fresh content as much as you can is always a great way to keep your site relevant in the eyes of Google. This will of course help improve rankings.

Be sure to check back for more tips on SEO For Rookies!

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