SEO For Rookies Part XVI

Duplicate ContentDuplicate content, a thing of the past and present. Its a problem I see more often than I should and one what needs resolving! Welcome back to SEO For Rookies, lets take a better look at this predicament.


Duplicate content is only known to cause problems! Many people have had the idea that if they can optimise two of the same pages, they can theoretically double their organic traffic, WRONG! The first thing it does is confuse search engines, leaving Google to decide which page is most relevant for what the user is searching for. A great thing to know is that Google will not show duplicate content as it is not very interesting for the user to read twice.


When duplicate content is made, the authority of both pages are reduced. This giving you instead of one quality page, to two quite shoddy pages, of which Google will only display one of. In the end, actually lowering your organic traffic.


Content is duplicated in a number of different ways, in the end all lead to the same result. Accidental or deliberate. Keep in mind that is only really relevant for static pages, therefore the same page with a different session id, affiliate codes and such should not have an impact.


Identifying duplicate content seems to be one of the biggest issues for people. Especially for the ones who do know know it is there. In previous posts we have talked about Google’s “Webmaster Tools” In here you can navigate to “optimisation > HTML Improvements this giving you vital information such as duplicated meta descriptions which is probably duplicate content. Other methods can be to actually inform the search engine that the page is duplicated by applying the “rel=canonical” tag in the coding of the desired page and redirecting duplicate pages to the original.


Thanks for reading SEO For Rookies part 16! We hope that your knowledge on the subject has grown and if so, that your duplicate content is an issue no more.

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