SEO For Rookies Part XV

permalinksOnce again, welcome back to SEO For Rookies Part XV! Providing you with all the vital knowledge needed to get your website ranking. How much do you know about permalinks? Lets take a look.


What Is A Permalink?

Permalinks, short for permanent links are the location of a page on the web. You can view the permalink by simply looking at the address bar at the top of your page. Common uses for these can be used to distinguish where you are, or to take you to another part of the web in the form of a link. Take a look at this example: “”.

Why Are They Used In SEO?

Permalinks in Search Engine Optimisation are more useful than people actually think, they are very propitious and should be used to every advantage. Not only do they change your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to look attractive to the naked eye, but they help search engines such as Google to use classify the page and provide better search results which can provide you with quality visitors. Another coruscating reason is that algorithms, also known as spiders read permalinks and if well structured will provide information such as what page the contact page actually is instead of a load of jumble, therefore providing yourself with better indexing.

Keywords are something we have learnt about in the past, they can also be used here. Take for example you’ve wrote a blog with a specialised title as a keyword, the keyword can be used in the permalink giving it an overall better result on Google. A great tip that may provide you the edge you need.

Thanks for reading SEO For Rookies part 15! We hope you have learnt what you needed on this subject and can get cracking with the next steps in the SEO process. Remember to check back next week and see what is on the shelf.

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