SEO For Rookies Part XIV

As we all know, SEO Is a never ending process, our knowledge in the trade never stops growing, Google is always changing and there is many different types of ways, techniques and tools at your exposure when working with it. So welcome back to SEO For Rookies and lets take a look at the CMS WordPress and how this is easy this can be used by an SEO Technician.

For those of you that don’t know, CMS stands for Content Management System. A CMS allows fantastic benefits such as publishing, editing and modifying things while keeping central inference in check.

When SEO Technicians are working with a CMS, such as a WordPress site, it can often be slightly confusing at first glance, but actually its very simple. The best and most convenient way on this kind of platform would be though plugins.

Peoples opinions may change for preferred plugins to them, getting few that can work together in conjunction with each other can make SEO really simple. The fundamentals plugin I use is called “Yoast” this just simply adds a section on the bottom of the page editor in your WordPress dashboard. This allows you to easily add SEO titles, keywords and descriptions to the targeted page! Fantastic and easy.

There is an extremely large and broad range of plugins for almost everything that you will need in a WordPress site, even to add an analytical code you can use the “header and footer” plugin, and of course you can do it the normal way through the page editor. Sitemaps are the same and Alt-tagging images has never been easier.

The advantages that WordPress provides is astronomical, from the simplest thing of adding a meta title to more advanced to steps such as permalink structure, WordPress has it!

Thanks for reading SEO For Rookies part 14. Check back next week for more of everything!

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