SEO For Rookies Part XIII

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Many of us in the SEO industry have heard of PR (Page rank), the little green bar that goes up and down depending on your domain, but the real question here is: what is the blue one?


Alexa provides measurements of your sites traffic and a number of other services. In short, Alexa rank provides you information on how a website is doing over 3 month periods by user data used to calculate how popular that the site is.

You can find your Alexa rank with different browser extensions or visit and enter your domain to retrieve the results.

Many people find it difficult to understand the Alexa bar, its actually very simple. The key points to remember are the lower the rank, the more popular the site is and the longer the blue bar will be. One of the main reasons that I favour this tool is because it is public data. This gives me a quick way to research and gain an insight on other websites easily and fast.

There is a large difference from Alexa and PR. Many websites may have a high PR but still may have little traffic and is not all what is required when evaluating a site. Alexa provides information about traffic, so therefore if I come across a website with a high PR and a low Alexa rank I will immediately know that the website has some authority and generating traffic.

I don’t think Alexa rank is overly important so there is no need to spend too much attention to it, but on the other hand its useful to know what it is, why its used and too keep an eye on to evaluate websites as and when needed.

During the course of this blog you should have gained a better understanding of what Alexa rank is, why its used and how its different from PR. Thanks for reading SEO For Rookies. Check back weekly for more information, help, guides and more.

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