SEO For Rookies Part XII

Welcome back to today’s special of SEO For Rookies! Are you not at a back linking stage? Feel free to rewinds a few blogs backwards and keep up to date.It will be to your benefit!

At this stage of the game you should have all of your fundamentals in place and making good progress with back linking your site. Going through my planning and the process of providing SEO, the question in my mind would be if I am executing a technique properly. Lets get this show on the road and see if you are.

Back linking a website blind is a far from an ideal circumstance. Reasons for this is more often than not people run of out links or can’t find links, the technique breaks up and it isn’t consistent. It is quite commonly a quick way to run dead in the water. If you’re blindly back linking your site, we recommend using a strategy. Planning is important, the change it can make is very significant, in the long run it will save you time. What can be better than a win win situation?

Why not start up your own process? Every good company or search engine optimization technician will have one. Its fairly simple and basically includes whatever is needed. To get started, start with the basics such as:

  1. Create a list of Core accounts (Facebook, twitter etc)
  2. Create a list of Social Bookmarks (delicious, digg etc)
  3. Create a list of Directories
  4. Find your technique to properly find blogs, articles and forums to comment on.

Tip: make a record of used back links, its a waist of time to duplicate them!

Over the course of my rise is SEO, I have found the most important part of executing your process is consistency. Whether you are posting 5 back links a week or 50 a week if you are consistent in what you are doing, everything good will come in due time. Keeping things even is also another good strategy. Don’t just stick to hardcore directories, break it up and post on blogs, forums and social media.

As always, thanks for reading SEO For Rookies part XII. Don’t be shy and check back weekly for more fantastic information designed to help you with all your search engine optimization problems. Feel free to leave a comment in the section below if you have any questions or anything else for the matter!

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