SEO For Rookies Part XI

Guess who’s back, back again SEO For Rookie’s back, tell a friend. Are you up to date with all changes Google are continuously making? In today’s blog you’ll learn how to do keep yourself up to date and why this is so important when working with SEO.

A lot of us wish Google could just set its algorithm one way, and leave it like that making it easy for everybody. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case and is half of the fun! SEO would be too easy and boring if nothing changed and was always so simple. Are Google changes a good thing? This is a often asked questions and people have different opinions about this, yes… even you. My opinion is that they are, they make search engine optimisation more competitive, and fair.

How does an update affect us?


The answer to that is fairly straight forwards and is based around how our website is read and ranked in the eyes of Google. When a spider (algorithm) crawls through our website it looks for everything that it is looking for and reports back. When an algorithm has changed, it will change for what it looks for meaning that we have to modify our strategy to meet the changes made.

Tip: Don’t cheat or take short cuts! They may work for you short term, but Google will catch up.

Keeping up to date.


Looking back to 2012, there was a few absolutely huge updates affecting websites across the globe. Some of the biggest including penguin, panda and the knowledge graph changing the way we apply SEO massively. Changes are made randomly and need to be checked, and take note of specifically what’s changed. Working in the past will not work very effectively compared to SEO today.

There are multiple ways to keep yourself up to date with Google, I myself use these method of SEO communities such as SEOMOZ and Search Engine Land.

Thanks for reading SEO For Rookies part 11, we hope you now understand the importance of keeping update with Google’s changes. Check back weekly for more updates, guides and more.

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