SEO For Rookies Part X

SEO For Rookies are back with more helpful information to get you on Google’s Side, well… what else do we do? As always, please read the blogs previous to this one and make sure that you’re on the same level as the rest of us. Enjoy.

Putting Search Engine Optimisation aside, In your life do you plan to the future or so called long term plan? Think of it as a good old game of chess, planning your moves before you do them. If you do this, naturally SEO will become a plan in itself also. If you don’t, this isn’t necessarily a problem, but lets learn why this is beneficial and why expert SEO technicians highly rate this.

There is many reasons why long term planning is great thing to do, take for example when working with a client, it is great to give them an idea of what kind of results they should receive within a time frame. By doing this, you are also giving yourself your own time frame to achieve results that you have aimed to get. Keep in mind that different websites and phrases will rank at different speeds than others, so be sure to take factors such as competitiveness and the domain strength into consideration

Another fantastic reason is that you are creating yourself your own workload that you can plan for yourself. For example: You need to complete tasks A, B, C and D within 1 month. These tasks can be completed as one per week as this will provide constant, natural looking work onto the site that doesn’t only make life easy for you but in a way what favours Google.

You can check your progress though the use of tracking (Google Analytics), discussed in previous blogs. The main things to lookout for would be the difference in visits, bounce rate, average visit duration and traffic sources.

Monitoring the rankings of phrases is just as important for the reasons that you can physically see the improvements and regression from the work that you have implemented. This can be shown to show progress to clients, or yourself and doesn’t only help you with checking where you’re at but help your knowledge expand of what is working for you.

We hope we have inspired you into planning the future of your domains! Thanks for reading the 10th part of SEO For Rookies.

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