SEO For Rookies Part VI

Welcome back to SEO For Rookies! Please read parts 1 to 5 to be up to date with this blog. Still reading? Then lets get started. In today’s blog you will not find out how to SEO exactly, but find out what NOT to do when optimising a website. Learning what to avoid is just as important because you quite simply don’t want to be ignored, or worse banned by Google.

Some of the biggest SEO mistakes commonly made are so easily avoided, one of the keys to remember when working in this industry is very simply; don’t be lazy! Duplicating anything never ends good.

SEO Titles


SEO titles are something that many novices to search engine optimisation make mistakes with, you don’t have to be!

Rule 1: Avoid using a title that has no meaning to the content, leave it empty or default for example “New Page”.

Rule Two: Don’t duplicate title tags across other pages.

Rule Three: Don’t use too much text, remember its a title and should be around 70 characters long. No keyword stuffing.

Meta Descriptions


Meta descriptions are very similar to titles and being so are know for being used improperly.

Rule 1: Don’t write a description that has no relevance to the page.

Rule 2: Using a generic description is a common mistake, keep it unique and fresh

Rule 3: Avoid keyword stuffing

Rule 4: Don’t copy content from the page or duplicate meta descriptions to other pages.



Easy mistakes are constantly made here, this is one of the most important parts of SEO and should be checked toughly

Rule 1: Don’t use bad grammar or allow spelling mistakes.

Rule 2: Using images for text is not advised since Google can’t read it.

Rule 3: Do not copy or duplicate content.

Rule 4: Steer away from hiding content on your website.

Thanks for reading part VI of SEO For Rookies! We hope you have learnt something today and feel welcome to check back weekly for more help, advice, tips and more weekly!

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