SEO For Rookies Part IX

Welcome back to SEO For Rookies, now on the 9th part of this blog! Remember to check out all the previous posts before reading this one. You never know, even if you’re a fantastic SEO Technician you may learn something, everyday is a school day.

Speaking of school days, lets start learning something. Do you know how much of the population use social networking sites? The answer is said to be over half the population with Facebook dominating the market with over one billion users, twitter trailing behind along with other social media sites such as LinkedIn  Google+ and Instagram, tumblr and more all rapidly growing.

A strange fact is regardless of the amount of uses Facebook has over twitter, twitter still has a higher page rank of PR10 (Maximum) compared to Facebook’s PR9!

Using social networks to its advantages is something that not every SEO Technician should do but for it also is great for business use. Its free advertising to an extremely high audience that can be targeted to specific audience.

When I use social media, I take two different mind sets into consideration, Business use and SEO use. As an SEO Technician I always make sure to include the website URL in the descriptions, and make posts including the URL for backlinks to the website. Not only can this provide a backlink but traffic to the domain which is fantastic.

For business use there is tools such as offers and promotions newly rolled out on Facebook business pages and generally making it look fantastic with great images and content. The snowball effect is something not to be taken lightly, on most social media sites when somebody for example likes or retweets your posts all of there friends will see this too, making the audience of your posts so much bigger.

SEO For Rookies highly recommend singing up to as many social networking sites and bookmarks as possible! Thanks for reading, check back next week for more.

Take a look at this for a fun explanation of different social media platforms.

SEO For Rookies

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