SEO For Rookies Part IV

Welcome back to SEO For Rookies! If you’re new our blog, please read the previous ones down below! If you’re still reading then I bet you are wondering what today’s topic will be, how does a basic on-sight fundamentals including: SEO titles, Meta Descriptions sound? Lets get started.

SEO Titles

So what exactly is an SEO Title? An SEO Title is basically the main text to describe a web page. It is also one of the most single important factors of Search engine optimisation. A thing to remember when working with these is that they are limited to 70 characters in Google’s display search, so its usually wise to stay around this marker.

How do I use SEO Titles? This is very dependant on your website, if you have a HTML website, you will most like need to manually add the titles yourself. Don’t worry this is extremely simple.

HTML Example:


<title>Title Here</title>


If you are using a CMS (Content Management System) such as Word press or Joomla, there will most likely be a nice little plug-in that you can use to easily add what you need.

What should it include? Keywords and brand names are the common thing to be used here in Search engine optimisation purposes.


Primary Keyword | Relevant Keyword | (optional) Business Name

Meta Descriptions

This is just as easy as titles! A Meta description will provide an explanation of the websites content. They will be used on search engines and will show a small preview of your website. This has a character limit of around 160 characters and needs to include a basic description including the keyword(s) used in the SEO title. Keeping this relevant is usually a good idea.

When adding descriptions to your web pages  this is extremely similar to way we added a title. For a HTML Website follow the example blow!


<Title>Title Here</title>

<meta name=”description” content=” Meta description here around 160 characters.”/>


If you are using a CMS, you should also be able to add this in the exact same way as SEO Title.

Thanks for reading SEO For Rookies Part IV! Check back weekly for more ways of getting your website up the Google rankings.

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