SEO For Rookies Part III

Are you new to SEO For Rookies? Please read part one and two before continuing to read part three, this will bring you up to date to this blog! If you are up to date, you should understand how to track your website and why its beneficial and also understand how effective content is on a web page. To expand on content this week I will talk through what keyword density is, why its important and how to manage it and what to avoid.

What Is Keyword Density?

Keyword Density is very easy part of SEO to understand, its simply just the percentage of times that a keyword has been used on a page, compared to the total number of words on the whole page. An easy example could be if there is 10 words on a web page, the keyword density would be 10% for a word.

Why Is It used?

Keyword density is a way of measuring the percentage of a word or phase to suit the website. The density be different for different keywords and websites. This can depend on how competitive the keyword is along side other reasons. For a new domain, the keyword density for a specified word or phrase should be quite low, I personally recommend around 2%. I Find this a great starting point because it is not overused in Google’s eyes and can always be increased at a later date.

How To Manage The Density Of A Keyword

When I write an article, I try and add as much content as possible while keeping the density of the keyword around 2-3%. If you find the keyword is high on a page, there is a few ways to lower the keyword.

The two most common and simple ways are:

  1. Change the wording of text, removing the keyword X number of times to find the right amount.
  2. Improve the length of the content to lower the percentage of the word compared to the whole page.

I use a Mozilla Firefox plug-in called SEO Doctor to easily find the density of a word, Other software or plug-ins may be just as useful.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is when a web page is loaded with keywords, this was used to provide websites with a high search engine rank, this is now outdated. Today this should be totally avoided because search engines tend to dislike keyword stuffing and your website may be penalised for doing so.

Thanks for reading SEO For Rookies, Check back weekly for new tips and information!

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