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Mobile-friendly update – What has changed?

  Google are now ranking mobile-friendly pages higher on mobile search results with the new mobile-friendly update. Why have Google done this? Google have done this so that high-quality and more relevant results where text is readable can be found without tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced appropriately, and the page avoids unplayable content more »

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SEO and Why it Should be Used – (Infographic)

Here at Manchester SEO Company we have built an infographic for you guys and it outlines why SEO is substantial to your business. Take a look: You can share this infographic on your website or blog using the code below: Courtesy of Manchester SEO Company

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The Power of Infographics

Infographics are a new technique which webmasters use to build links and authority. Google seems to love it as it is a way of sharing content in a more appealing way to the users. This causes them to engage more which is a factor with Google. What is an infographic? I’m no Einstein but “Info-Graphic” more »

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What techniques should we consider for SEO in 2014

With the way Google has altered their search algorithm in 2013 sharing valuable content and engaging in conversation with your target audience is going to be a huge factor this new year. Social media has always been an aspect to increasing visibility on the internet, this is mainly due to it’s extremely huge popularity with more »

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Should Google be Worried? Are Other Marketing Options on the Horizon?

If you’re an online marketer or even if you are just starting your business or career in the world of SEO, no doubt you are always pandering to the tune of Google. Afterall Google has the Lions hare when it comes to the ownership of the market with an estimated 67% of the overall market more »

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Reasons Why Online Businesses need SEO Companies

A wide range of companies now have an online presence and there are in fact businesses that operate solely online. This is a great way to operate for both start ups and smaller and more local businesses as it can save a lot of money. Not only do you need less space to operate in more »

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Hummingbird: Get to grips with the new Google update

Google released their latest update right on it’s 15th birthday. What a great way to celebrate, rolling out a whole new algorithm which is the biggest change in 12 years! Google claim that Hummingbird will enable users to search more human related queries to deliver more accurate results. Queries that are more long tail and more »

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Penguin 2.1: What has changed from 2.0?

Google have recently announced a new penguin update which is the fifth recording in its history. This update has come a bit earlier than predicted by most webmasters as it wasn’t long ago since Google had rolled out Penguin 2.0 in May. As this is the fifth edition of the Penguin update we are now more »

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The great debate: Nofollow links vs dofollow

The art of link building has changed a lot the past couple of years with the number of updates Google have rolled out. Nofollow and dofollow links now have different jobs and should be interpreted in specific areas according to Google. This debate has been going on since the birth of SEO with webmasters discussing more »

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Happy Birthday Google!: Google celebrates its 15th birthday

Yes that is correct it is 15 years to the day since Larry Page and Sergey Brin formed the biggest internet organisation the world has ever known. 15 years of advanced search quality on the internet and safely saying they have revolutionised the web to a whole new level! But is it exactly 15 years more »

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