Search Engines: Battle of the Titans

So which is the biggest and best search engine to use from an internet marketing perspective? Which is the most useful to use, which is the most financially viable and which one has the most traffic?

It is quite easy to over complicate these questions, often with so much work lined up to get your website up and running, monetize it and market after you’ve made this decision then this issue of which search engine to rank for needs to be answered quickly.

So lets begin by taking a few facts into account:

Googles market share – 67%

Bings Market Share – 16%

Yahoo Market Share – 11.5%

Ask – 2.5%

Aol – 1%

So hands down the giant of the internet is still Google, and will probably remain so for years to come yet, well until at least there’s a more credible search engine out there with equally as good search results.


This doesn’t mean to say that the 2nd and 3rd biggest ( Bing and Yahoo) should be ignored, why is that? Simply because there is going to be less competition on these search engines, OK less traffic granted, but your conversation rates could actually be higher than google using their paid advertising, so certainly worth considering.

Good News:

The overall internet usage seems to be increasing year on year, this isn’t overly surprising, the internet is bound to keep growing, nationally and world wide.

Optimising for Search Engines

If you wantto optimise your website for Bing and Yahoo Search engines, then to be quite frank, you would have your work cut out. There is plenty if information out there, admittedly a lot of it rubbish, on how to rank for google. But I think you would find it difficult to find good useful information that can be used effectively for ranking on Yahoo and Bing.

The main reason for this is most likely due to be because the traffic is still with Google, and that is where most people concentrates their efforts on sharing information and those who can use their resources figuring out how to beat it, or I should say rank legitimately in a white hat way.

So like it or loathe it, Google is still top dog, our recommendation in a nutshell would be to SEO for Google and maybe consider paid advertising on Bing and Yahoo, especially as they have now both combined their paid advertising system (adcentre).

Why is Google still the Best Search Engine?

Well in short, it provides the user with the best and most relevant searches after a keyword has been entered into the system.

Constantly Google is updating their algorithm, which lets face it is a pain in the neck to many webmasters, but in the end it seems to work, or at least in most part anyway.

This doesn’t mean to say they will always be the main search engine, but they certainly have a head start and they are leading the pack when it comes to knowing how to control the top listed websites which they index.

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