Possible Google Update: Has There Been Another Algorithm Update?

This came as quite a shock to me when I noticed that many webmasters were grumbling about a recent dip in both traffic and rankings. This instantly told me to check the algorithm movement with programs such as Mozcast and Algoroo and the date that stood out from the rest was the 20th August;

algorithm movement

As you can say the fluctuation has been a lot more aggressive after this date even the very latest date is above average. This does suggest to me and many other people in the industry that some sort of algorithmic update is being at least worked on by Google.

As you may have probably guessed Google have stated they have nothing to announce despite the evidence.

This again leaves us guessing to what will be next and what websites will be most affected. Google don’t always confirm there updates but there have definitely been some big fluctuations in the SERPs and in traffic.

Are we in for another Penguin update? It would be a surprise to many as it wasn’t long ago since Google rolled out the Penguin 2.0 update.

Or are they trying to repair the possible mistakes they have made to the previous update, again it is all theories and we will never know until Google come out openly and announce it. The best thing we can do at the moment is monitor our websites closely for any dramatic changes and then compare them with other sites which have been affected by this bizarre movement.

It is always a good idea to track the movements of Google’s algorithm with programs such as Mozcast, Algoroo and SERP Metrics. These are effective tools which develop patterns of the algorithm activities, basically it gives you a bit of a heads up if we do encounter any new updates.

Research online for other peoples views on this recent movement and get there take on the situation, this can be very useful as they might be doing something different which has got them penalised and you know to avoid it.

It is still extremely important to continue what you are doing even in the middle of any update (if you have not been penalised) as you want to still appear natural, keeping content unique and relevant to your website with natural links and social activities should help maintain your website through the update, it might even jump depending on how your competitors are affected.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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