Penguin Updates – Are they still active?

The quick and short answer is no. Google hasn’t announced a penguin update or even a refresh for that matter for a good 5 months and there doesn’t seem to be one coming up, of course you never know with Google.

Now recently there was a Google Hangout with Google’s own John Mueller and of course fellow webmasters were curious about the lack of penguin updates so questions were asked. From what I can gather, Google do actually refresh their penguin update more frequently than the panda update but they don’t seem to announce it.

Is this because that the penguin update doesn’t have as much effect as the panda updates? What else was gathered at the webmaster hangout is that Google refresh factors of the penguin update constantly but not the whole update so technically they do not have to announce a new update, as these factors are probably stable and will not have an effect on most webmasters.

Now Penguin has only ever had 3 updates announced and confirmed by Google;

Penguin 1- released April 24, 2012 and affected 3.1% of all English based search queries.

Penguin 2- May 26, 2012 which affected less than 0.1% search queries so this update was hardly noticeable.

Penguin 3- Oct. 5, 2012 again this was a very small update and only 0.3% of search queries got affected by it.

As you can see the penguin update which had affected the most people is the very first which had been announced which is pretty obvious the same with panda. The only thing is now that Google seem to have got Penguin under control unlike panda which gets refreshed monthly.

What I would like to know is from fellow webmasters is what is your opinion on this, Google are not announcing very little penguin refreshes but are announces panda updates. Are they just trying to confuse us all? Well it certainly seems that way.

In summary penguin is technically still technically rolling out more frequently than panda but they are not the full update just refreshes of different little factors. The next big question is when will be the next big Penguin update and how will it affect us?

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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