Penguin aftermath, what to do next?

Penguin Aftermath

In my most recent article about the birth of Penguin 2.0 I described the potential things that could happen to the majority of websites, well it has been a week since the update and I would like to know how has it affected you?

Personally I think this update by Google has had the right effect on the right websites (mainly). I am now starting to see websites on the top of the SERPs which have great quality content and high quality relevant links. This is what Google states they want, correct? There is still a couple of grey hat websites that are still up there but I am sure Google will pick them out eventually!

Which industry has been affected the most by this update?

Having done a lot of research on this most recent Google updates it was interesting to see that the majority of websites that got hit by Penguin were porn websites and game sites. With the amount of traffic both niches get I don’t quite find how Google can find these sort of sites spammy. To be fair in both of these high end niches the majority they get will be direct, so there is no need for them to be spammy.

Although one website that did stand out for me which I was hugely surprised at was the Salvation Army website. That’s it a charity! It is not only me who was surprised by this outcome, having looked at the comments from fellow webmaster they too are very shocked at this result.

How to recover from a penalisation

I am only going to tell you what you should already be doing and that is loading your website with fresh unique and user friendly content, using the disavow tool in Webmaster to remove all the bad links that can be harming your website (article directories being ones to look out for) and then replacing them bad links with high quality relevant ones, for more information on quality link building then go to this article.

So these are my thoughts on the results of Penguin 2.0, I want to hear your opinions on what you think of the outcome. Do you think the right websites are now starting to rise in the SERPs? What would you do to recover? We appreciate any feedback and comments.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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