Panda to be more involved in the search algorithm.

Matt Cutts announced this week at SMX that there will be a new update rolling out in the next couple of days. Yes again… Google are consistent with these updates but this update is going to be one of the “most talked” about updates this year he hinted, meaning that it could be one of the biggest for some time (2%-3% search queries are rumoured to be affected). Matt also announced that the panda algorithm is going to more integrated into the overall search algorithm. This is basically a continuous stronger panda refresh along with the normal algorithm factors, doesn’t sound too good does it?

Although it doesn’t sound great but along with the Penguin update rolling out we shouldn’t see too much of a result in rankings on an average basis. At first some people will see a great drop in traffic but after the recovery period (if it affects you) we should start to see some consistency in the SERPs and traffic wise meaning that panda will be less severe and noticeable.

Also with panda being more involved should we say, this will mean that it will be a constant part of the original algorithm and not rolled out manually so we can stop guessing when Google are likely to release it.

The reason I think Google are combining the algorithms into one big one is that they are highly targeting link networks and paid links this year, this is definitely top of the to do list. We have already seen that Google are starting to notice link networks, most recently the SAPE Network which is (or was) the most popular link network on the internet.

Penguin update to be the “The Next Generation”

Now we all know that there have been a number of rumours about the next penguin update. Matt also announced this week that Google are working on the new generation of the penguin algorithm, so now we know that it confirms the rumours and Penguin is on its way. So in theory the combination of Panda and Penguin is what will make it the most talked about algorithm update of the year. It is the first time ever Google have done this and no one knows what the results will be like. All we know is that it is going to be a bumpy ride for a lot of websites these coming months due to the major changes that are being made.

Comment below and let us know if you have seen any unnatural changes in any of your sites.

Jordan Whitehead

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