Page Rank: What Exactly is PageRank?

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PageRank was developed by the people who founded Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They had the idea when they realised that search engines ranked websites strictly from keyword density and meta tags.

This is when they decided to come up with PageRank to eliminate this and put a theory together to get more valuable pages ranked. PageRank is named after Larry Page.

What is PageRank?

For less technical people, the easiest way to describe page rank is the level of trust the website has with Google on a 0-10 scale. To gain trust, they believed that for a website to be classed as valuable and resourceful for the user and is down to other websites linking to that page.

Which is feasible in a sense as when people are writing content they tend to link to pages which have the best resources. Therefore that page which is being linked to from a number of pages is deemed valuable.

So Larry and Sergey developed this link analysis algorithm which determines not just the quantity of links but also the importance and relevance of the web page which is linking to you.

The way they explained this is that a link is like a vote for your web page and the more votes, the more importance of the page and therefore the higher your page rank.

For a new web page your PageRank is set to N/A and will stay this way until Google has crawled and indexed the web page’s backlinks. It will then determine through relevance, importance and number of links what page rank it will be.

The importance of PageRank

The PageRank algorithm is just one of many ranking factors in Google. This is debatable as some webmasters believe that PageRank is the most important factor, whilst others believe it is on the way out.

PageRank can be used as a guide for link building so you have an idea of a website that is deemed valuable and trusted in Google’s eyes.

Obvioulsy if there is a high PR website relevant to your website then build a link to it, this will be a valuable ‘vote’.

To increase the page rank of your web page, then follow the webmaster guidelines on linking. In these guidelines it states certain techniques which are deemed black hat and try to manipulate PageRank will be penalised.

Hence why Google release regular updates such as Panda and Penguin.


Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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