Out dated SEO Techniques

Many people who are involved in the SEO industry will know that there has been many SEO techniques pre panda and penguin that no longer have an effect on the algorithm. Even today we still see some methods on websites which are just getting ignored basically by Google.

I am going to highlight the factors which I deem to be old fashioned; if you have any opinions feel free to discuss in the comment box below.

Bolding of Keywords – This is one of the most common out dated techniques we still see today, a couple of years ago this did actually work and very effectively. Now Google has changed their view on this as it makes your content less appealing to the user. Although on many famous SEO blogs such as Search Engine Land and Matt Cutts Blog, they use bolding of words but not keywords just longer sentences which they want the reader to notice easier.

Meta Keywords – Again, years ago you could rank nearly for anything with purely your meta title, description and keywords. Webmasters used to load the meta with a range of relevant keywords and this is what would also work effectively. Now since then Google has developed at an extreme level and the search results which are on the SERPs today are more accurate and more relevant to the user. This is why we cannot rank with purely meta data.

Old SEO Techniques

Keyword Stuffing and Keyword Density – Ever since the introduction of Penguin, there has been a huge difference in the way we produce content. Content has become king and the main priority when it comes to SEO, quality content is the number 1 factor in Google’s eyes. Pre Penguin, content used to be published by webmasters loaded fully with keywords which they was trying to rank for. The keyword density limit was approximately triple to what it is now, (average 1-2%) some people prefer higher it totally depends on

your view of the matter. Google have since released webmaster guidelines and there are now rules (webmaster) which highlight the importance of content and the way it is published.

Link Exchange/Reciprocal Links – Now this technique has technically not been disregarded but it has changed a little. Many webmasters used to use this technique a lot, today it is not used as frequently. This is mainly due to Panda, the update meant that if you had a lot of inbound links from low quality websites then you would get penalised. Years ago, this wouldn’t have affected websites. If a website is a high PR and has quality content on it then by all means link to it, basically Google has made us think twice about where we are pointing our links.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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