Onsite SEO including the Knowledge Graph

As we all know Google introduced the knowledge graph last May and came with it a lot of questions. If you are unsure what the knowledge graph is then let me give you a brief description, the knowledge graph was introduced by Google to broaden search results for the user making it easier to find what you are searching for. For example if you was to search for “rio” then the listings that will come up will be very broad and will include information on Rio the film, Rio the city in Brazil and also the footballer. Google gives you more to choose from which makes the search engine more user friendly for the general public.

Now as a webmaster in the SEO industry and I am sure this is what happened with most other webmasters is that how will this knowledge graph effect the techniques we use when it comes to onsite SEO? Let me explain why we thought this, as Google has introduced much broader search terms then surely the keywords we include in our meta tags and anchor text will have to be more broad to match these new requirements by Google.

Here is an example;

Knowledge Graph

I searched for the term “Party Accessories” and as you can see Google have also highlighted the word “Party Supplies” now this means when we come to do our Meta data and internal links that we will have to include the term “supplies” also.

I think that Google have a win win situation here as it is easier for the users to search for their required search terms which is what Google always wants to do but yet it makes us webmasters and other people who do SEO think a bit more when optimising a website, making it that a bit more complicated when doing onsite SEO.

Ironically, when it comes to building links Google have handed us another keyword to use for anchor text which in theory with the knowledge graph if there are much more broader search terms then we should have more anchor text to choose from therefore making our link building look that bit more natural, so in a way thank you Google.

Please feel free to comment and discuss in the comments box below on what you think of the knowledge graph and its effects on SEO.

Next week I will be talking about the power of Twitter!

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