Most “Googled” Terms of 2012

Today there have been several publications today regarding the statistics gathered from Google’s search engine statistics. There were 10 posted in full by our friends over at Mashable and I’m going to go through a few of the more interesting ones.

Positions 10 & 9

Starting us off at number 10 is the term “Games”. Hardly a shocker as games are constantly surrounding us. If you’re reading this on your mobile on public transport, take a look up and see how many people are playing Angry Birds or something similar.

Following this up is the term “Mail”. More and more people are working from home, on the commute or want to access their emails at any time. What’s quicker than quickly typing “Mail” into Google and getting personalised results from your favourite mail websites?

Position 6

“Hotmail”. With “mail” being position 9 it’s not too surprising that a webmail portal is another most searched term. What is interesting is that it’s Microsoft’s Hotmail service and not Google’s GMail service that’s getting the most searches. Then again, a lot of Google users are signed in and have their link to GMail displayed at the top of the page.

Positions 5 & 4

Positions 5 and 4 are “Download” and “Free” respectively. Indicative of what most people are searching for with their software and how highly Free Downloads are sought after.

Position 3

Surprisingly enough the term “Google” was the third most searched phrase on it’s very own search engine which really does make you think. If you’re on Google, do you really need to search for it?

And Finally (Drumroll Please…) Number 1

Facebook. Something most people check everyday, and with hundreds of millions of active users every day, of course Facebook was always going to win it. And whilst it’s not wholly surprising it will stick in the craw of some at Google, especially when their own Social Network (Google+) hasn’t featured in the top 10 at all.

Which of the results surprised you most? Are there any terms you think should feature in this list? Leave your feedback in the comments below.

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