Monetising Your Website

Most people think there is just one way to make money from a website. Sell a product or service online, take payment via a shopping cart and then send the goods out to the customer.

This is probably the most popular, and by far, but its not the only way! Infact there are some very ingenious and clever ways you can monetise your website to make money from it. Here are a few examples with there description, this list is by no means exhaustive.

monetise your website


As previously mentioned, you sell a product or service (or over the phone) and take payment on the website (or over the phone).



Adsense is basically google advertising on your website. The theory is quite simple really, create a website with lots of content, and drive traffic to it, then monetise it by placing google ads on there.

You get paid everytime someone clicks on your ad, Its roughly about 60% of the total cost per click google charge that advertiser.



Unless your selling your own product or service (eCommerce) then you may find this has the next best margin. Bear in mind you margins are decided at the initial point of meeting yrou supplier. The higher the % you decide the money money you will get.

It works like an e-commerce store but instead of you sending out the goods, you forward the details onto the supplier.


Lead Generation

You build a website to get traffic, lets say its in the loans niche. You drive people looking for a loan on your website, get them to fill out a form who are interested in applying for one, then you forward on this information to a company who pays you per lead. Depending what niche you are in there may be many rules and relegation you need to abide by.


List Building

The aim here is to drive people to your website and get them to sign upto something which your advertising for free, for example if your in the weight loss niche you might be giving away a Free ebook on how to lose weight. They fill out a form and you send them the ebook, but the clever thing is, is that you now have their email address. With this you can later sell to them with related things now you know they are an interest in losing weight.

CPA Offers

Places like clickbank have a plethora of products, mainly digital which can be bought online and that you get a commission on.

It doesn’t just stop there, if you get enough traffic to a website you can do things like capture peoples email, address or phone number, which you can get paid for. The incentive here is that they may win a car or something.

So there’s just a few ways to make money from your website. A bit of food for thought for you there. But do bear in mind, there is one factor you have to take into consideration before you can even begin to make money..traffic!! and that is where good old SEO comes into play.

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