Mobile Search for social media, is this the beginning?

You may have noticed that your twitter app for IOS and Android has been updated; this is because Twitter has recently made changes to their search facilities. The upgrades include an improved auto complete for search results, and improved engine with regards to the relevancy you are searching for and an easier web browser which displays the results. You are now able to view the top tweet (think of it as a ranking) when you search a relevant topic. So an all-round search improvement has been made making it easier for the user.

Improvement in discussion search

It is not only the search that has been improved but also the relevancy of discussions and hashtags, now if you don’t use Twitter it will feel like you need a PhD to understand this (don’t worry we have all been there) but basically people create hashtags in their tweets to show other users that they are joining in on the same discussion. For example if you write a tweet about Google then you will include #Google or #SEO something with a relevancy and then people can find you through this and join in.

This new search upgrade includes all this, it now delivers tweets, hashtags and actual accounts associated with the term you have searched. Having used the upgraded version of the Twitter app, I personally think that the search quality has improved and I am finding it easier to get involved with other accounts, discussions and tweets on a relevant topic. It is easier to be more social and that is exactly what social media accounts are for.

Now this and the new Facebook Graph Search really does start to get us thinking that social media search is a thing to look out for.

It makes sense really as some of the most used sites on the web are social platforms and search engines will obviously take that into consideration. Google’s main aim is to deliver the best quality search results to the user and so the big social media platforms are now starting to take this approach.

As usual this topic is up for discussion, feel free to comment in the box below and let me know your thoughts.

Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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