Measuring The Success of SEO

Now, pretty much every SEO company will have slightly different styles of optimisation. It is important to remember it is not an exact science. Some companies have a great understanding and some are convincing themselves as much as their customers on their methods and techniques.

But with so many conflicting opinions and completely differing propositions and styles, how are you ever going to know when things are going well?

It is not uncommon for some companies to say not to expect immediate results in rankings so should there be a point when the plug should be pulled?

The answer is simple, be proactive and honest about your new sales and/or clients!!!

I have spoke to many businesses who simply do not measure where their custom comes from. As a business measuring where your custom comes from is essential. You owe it to yourself to make this standard practice.

SEO is successful if it brings you business, good rankings are great but what you outlay as a business must be treated in the same context: is it a worthwhile spend?

Try to measure all your new enquiries in a way that’s comfortable for your customers to give you feedback, that way you can be comfortable spending money on something for your business that will deliver!

Your website can be an entire sales force or nice bonus of custom, SEO can make the first happen. Make sure you play your part by seeing what is right for you.

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