Mastering Backlinking Velocity to Appear Natural

correct backlink buildingOk so you have your website up and ready, it looks good, your impressed with it, it looks professional and its set up to either be informative (an info site) or its primed to make money (a money website).

So what now? Be patient and fingers crossed you will get ranked in good time, and you are going to leave yourself at the mercy of google!

Or do you put the ball in your court and do something about it, I’m talking in terms of building backlinks to your website to start getting it ranked, or at the very least noticed!

How Many Backlinks Should You Create?

So here’s the $64,000 question! How many backlinks should you create to your website and how often? Well as much as Id love there to be a simple answer to this question, there isn’t, it depends on a variety of different factors, these factors may include but not exclusive to:

• Size of the website
• Age of the Domain
• How many Backlinks are currently Existing
• What keywords your trying to rank for
• How much Time and Resources you have at your disposal

So lets elaborate on these a little further:

Size of the website

If you have a small website,, put simply you will need less work to rank for it then say a large e-commerce website. Firstly due to the fact you have more pages/products you’ll need to rank for so this means you have to backlink more pages. Also s a bigger website there is an argument google will expect this, the more pages the more backlinks it should attract, obvious really!

Age of the Domain

For new websites start off slowly and build up over time. If you’ve an aged domain you have more trust with google so your backlinking strategy can be more flexible.

How many Backlinks are currently Existing

If your website has no backlinks to start with then it’s wise to start slowly, say about 10 links per week, and then over a period of 1 – 2months work upto say about 30 – 50 backlinks per month.

If however your website is well established and you already have traction then you will most likely have to up your game a bit.

For the high end website in highly competitive niches you could go as many as 20 backlinks per day, but do make sure you have a broad link profile, ie in other words dont just have one type of backlink.

What keywords your trying to rank for

This is an important one, although the status of your website can give you some incline how to go about your backlinking, ultimately its going got be all about what keyword your ranking for.

For low competitive terms, if you have good on page SEO, and good quality content, its possible (not everytime) to get that particular page ranked by it sown admission.

Medium competition keywords often need a little push, at least.

High competitive terms will usually need consistent backlink over a period of time from quality backlinks with a varied backlink profile.

How much Time and Resources you have at your disposal

Now from the above, you may have a better idea of whether you need to just gently push your website up the rankings, or if your targeting a highly competitive keyword term you need to throw everything in your arsenal at it.

However, whatever the approach it all comes down to how much time and resources you can commit to it. Its pointless going for “Secured Loans” keyword, as an extreme example, if you only have 1 hour a month to do seo. Most likely you’ll need at least 2 – 3 hours a week, consistently over a period of 6 – 12 months minimum before you even start seeing the green shoots of progress.

So be realistic, plan out your strategy, even it it means using a professional SEO service, but if your doing it yourself make sure you stick to it as most people after 4 – 6 weeks give up and they may have not even started it in the first place!

Backlinking takes time and patience, but above all it needs consistency to look natural!


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