The Manchester Campaign

manchester-campaign-logoThe Manchester Campaign is a recently launched initiative to boost trade and build community spirit in Manchester.

The campaign aims at bringing together local businesses who can then strike up trade arrangements between them at a lower rate than usual.

This lower rate then frees up funds for each company to them put more money into local initiatives, such as public park refurbishments or the restoration of Victoria Baths.

Or they could then help by investing in local charities, such as The Mustard Tree, Barnabus or the Wood Street Mission.

This group of companies has a lot to offer Manchester as a whole. On one hand, the closer community of Manchester Businesses can help each individual business successfully find more clientele, whilst they also get premium business services at a slight reduction.

The Manchester Campaign will be looking for each of its members to help support local charities and initiatives, as well as opening their doors to younger workers. For example on apprenticeship schemes.

We really want to develop Manchester as a thriving business hub that looks after itself and its area. Coming together to help each other out is the best way to do this and we already have some big names on board.

To find out more about the Manchester Campaign, you can visit their website.

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