Managing Your Social Media Profiles

So as we know by know the social media aspect of back-linking has to be addressed. If you want a good all-round backlinking profile then this is an absolute must to be included into your arsenal. Minimally you need to have social profiles set up, but ideally you want to be posting on them on a regular basis.

What Social Media Platforms Should You Use?

To begin with you can start with what we call the “Big . These main social media websites are:
Google Plus
Linked in

There are of course more you can add here, but these are probably the biggest in terms of traffic and registered users, and in fact, if yo harness their true power you could bring in more traffic then Google (SEO or Ad words).

Its all very well setting up your profiles on these sites, at least you have ticked the social media box when it comes to addressing your back linking profile. But if you have it set up you may aswell try and tap into that potential huge traffic which is available to you.

Let me introduce you Hoot suite

SO if you have all 4 of these accounts set up, it can admittedly be a bit of pain logging into each one, writing your content, posting your images etc for each one.

However these is a quick way of doing this, incorporate Hoot suite into the equation. Hoot suite basically will let you update all 4 profiles at once but only having to add content once to its User interface. It cant get more simple then that!

Marketing your website is about making it as streamline and time effective as possible, the faster you can do something the more you can do.

Other marketing methods for Social Media

Face book ads is one worth considering, however do bear in mind this works better in some niches over others. Unlike Google where you work from a keyword. With Facebook it works from a demographic.

Also a nice little tip if considering using Facebook ads, is create a fan page or Facebook page and direct all you traffic to this, as it works out cheaper than sending it direct to your website.

With Google plus you can create map listings from here which are often a great way to increase your rankings.

So to conclude, social media is recommended to add to your overall linking profile. Its upto you how hard and how much you target the traffic in each one. At the very least google now expects you to be signed up with these giants of the web.

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