Is SEO Still Required or a Waste Of Money?

This question often comes up from website owners and business owners. With the constant changes of the Google algorithm you would think that its evolved and become sophisticated enough to figure out manual back-linking and in effect put an end to SEO.

Fact of the matter is though, All search engines, including Google, need some kind of formula of being able to calculate how to rank websites. Now there is only so many ways to do this really. Sure it’s rumoured that Google have over 200 factors they take into account to work out your websites position, now all 200 factors cannot all have the same weight, some factors will be more important than others, for example:

Duplicate Content:

Rule number 1, Make sure your website has its own unique content, written by you for the user and not for the search engine.

Quality of Content:

Copying and stealing content from another website is a big no no! Not only that but you must provide information which is useful to anyone coming to your website.

Structure (Architectural Layout):

Make sure that anyone who uses your site can get to where they want to be within 3 clicks at the most.


This is a broad and complex factor, but in short the more “quality” back-links you have (otherwise known as votes) pointing to your website then this will work in your favour.


Everything on the website must be relevant, if you have a gardening website, don’t start talking about dog training on it. Same goes with the back-links, keep it all relevant.

Social Media:

Nowadays it goes without saying, you need Social Media interaction, the big 4 includes, but not exclusive to Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Linked in.

Is SEO Still Valid Then?

Taking these top factors in mind mentioned above, it is clear after content, seo and backlinks is till an important criteria google takes into account when working out the rankings.

Now in an ideal world, you would create a good quality content rich website and then after a few months Google naturally starts to rank it on its own terms without any backlinks or seo created. Now this can happen, However, are you willing to leave it in the hands of the Google gods? Live on the hope that Google with be kind to your website, or are you more inclined to put the ball back in your court and do something about it yourself to increase your chances of success?

Now no-one can guarantee SEO will work for any website. Anyone who does guarantee massive success, then I advise you to run for the hills, quite simply they are lying or genuinely don’t know the real world of SEO.

Having said that, 99% of the time, by undertaking SEO, creating good quality relevant backlinks and producing them at a reasonable velocity to your website hugely increases your chances of increasing traffic, improving rankings, turning them into more sales and leads.

On the other hand, you can leave your website and keep your fingers crossed Google takes it under its wing by pure the end the decision is yours.

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