Is mobile SEO a thing for the future?

Now I know that search engine optimisation for smartphones and tablets hasn’t really took off just yet but I thought that today I will bring up some personal opinions on this matter which are all completely up for debate as no one really knows the main fundamentals when it comes to this at this moment in time.

Now the main thing I personally take into consideration is the website, factors such as architecture and responsive design etc… mainly factors that I think would be easier for users to use. Now I think that this will be no different when it comes to mobile sites. Now the website needs to be mobile compatible which can be done through a range of plugins.  I think that the responsive mobile sites will be a greater factor as the screen will be smaller therefore architecture will have to be tweaked to due to the screen size and touch screen features.

SEO Factors to consider

Keyword research;

Now for mobile SEO when doing keyword research I personally think that webmasters will have to take a different route when looking for relevant keywords. For example if you are on an iPhone, you don’t want to be searching for longer keywords as it can cause some inconvenience (again due to the screen size etc… ) so you will have to research relevant shorter keywords.

Responsive Design;

Now as mentioned earlier if your mobile site is a responsive site then you should have no problems adding and editing content which we all know is the biggest factor when it comes to SEO. Also Google wrote about how it favours responsive websites for the design code in the backend, the googlebot prefers reading this kind of advanced code.

Mobile Analytics;

As mobile SEO is going to be a thing of the future (we all know it) then webmasters will have to start using the mobile section of analytics, just like we do with generic campaigns so we will need to tweak the analytics a little bit to specify the amount of visits from a mobile/tablet device and the traffic flow, keywords etc..

Is the mobile site user friendly?

Google’s main aim is to build a search engine to deliver the best possible search results to each and every user so they stress the fact that every website will need to be user friendly. This will be no different for mobile sites, so most smart phone devices now have 3G/4G connectivity so the responsive website should compensate with the loading time of your site which obviously users prefer fast loading times to longer loading times.

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Blog Post by Jordan Whitehead

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